About Us

Hi,  first, a little introduction. We are Lucca, 12 years old, CEO, and Gianni, 13 years old, CMO.

We are BROTHERS by chance & BUSINESS PARTNERS by choice.

Our creativity and love of animals inspired us to start our company, The Paw Print. We create unique and handmade products for dog owners to record the "WOOFS & WAGS" of their furry friend!

In November, 2017, we started our journey to become entrepruneurs through  YEA!,  the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  In seven months we learned how to brainstorm for ideas, write and implement a business plan, how to market products, good communication skills, and so much more!  It was a great learning opportunity for us and all of our hard work paid off...we are now open for business!

We both work very hard in all that we do. We prioritize our time to fit in running our business, maintaining good grades in school, and participating in our extra activities. We are very committed to making  our company successful, with our main goal being to make quality products and provide excellent customer service to all of you! 

Thank you for your support of The Paw Print!,